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Cancelling contract in my name

Hi, I got a contract for my partner in my name and I know his contract was due an upgrade in August. How do I cancel this contract as we have now split up for good and I no longer what him having it in my name
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Re: Cancelling contract in my name

@Kelly1 All information on cancellation is in this guide although you may have to pay early termination fees



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Re: Cancelling contract in my name

Simply call 202 and give 30 days notice. There may be termination fees but you do need to stop any upgrade going through in your name.

If the split is amicable then perhaps inform your ex what you are doing so he can apply in his own name.

If the split is not amicable, don't forget that legally his phone belongs to you and if necessary you can report it as lost or stolen, in which case the phone will be barred and your ex will then have to apply in his name.

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Re: Cancelling contract in my name

@Kelly1 If your ex does have to apply in his own name he will have to pass a credit check to get a contract.


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Re: Cancelling contract in my name

Hi @Kelly1, did you get a chance to read through all the useful suggestions above? I hope it helps you understand better how to proceed from here, but do come back and let us know if you'd like some more advice slight smile

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