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Cancelling Monthly Contract

Hi all


I have been trying to cancelled my monthly contract with O2 by live chat for over a month now only to be told by their latest "advisor" that they have no record of any of my three previous chats. Has this happened to anyone alse.? They are now trying to say that I owe them £21.99. I have now written and emiled them to get hard copies in case I need to go to court as I will not pay the £21.99. I cannot believe all this. Is this a scam they do regularly?

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Re: Cancelling Monthly Contract

do not use live chat it is proven on here to be usless for all but minor issues


Ring 202 for free.


Or send o2 a letter by snail mail

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Re: Cancelling Monthly Contract

I totally agree with adamtemp64.


If chat are saying they have no record of your previous chats, unless you do, it will be difficult for you to prove. If you should have occassion to use chat again, for your own security you should print off the conversation when the chat has ended. That way you'll have a hard copy should there be a dispute.


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Re: Cancelling Monthly Contract

Far as I remember you can't cancel via live chat. The real reason for this is cause you get put through to retention to see if they can provide any help to keep your custom. In fairness I have found it to be a bit of a wait but the staff in cancellations/retention are pretty good so give them a gingle. Also there should be a log in the comparison of the centre staff just ask them to look through the list of were they leave the message on the file when they end the call. Hope this helps Smiley Happy