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Can't Auto-top up

I have been trying for several days now to add a regular monthly top-up on my pay as you go monthly. Each and every time the transaction is declined or has some fault.

I am using an overseas credit card which for some reason the website can't cater for. The web form also asked what country you are from and insists on having a London post code!

I have tried three credit cards from three different banks and all O2 customer service people blame my bank! It can't be my bank.. Three different cards from three different banks.. I don't think so!! My banks tell me my cards are in 100% order with no restrictions.
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Re: Can't Auto-top up

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Re: Can't Auto-top up

You can only use UK bank cards.
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Re: Can't Auto-top up

When I was on PAYG I never completed a form to use for top ups. I used 3 different cards and added each one via phone auto input (Obviously they were all UK bank cards)

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Re: Can't Auto-top up

I can't use any UK debit or credit cards to top up my Orange Spain PAYG online so it must be some security thing that all networks use.

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