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Can I use unlimited wifi in my home on O2 simplicity?

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Hello, I want to know if I go on O2 simplicity, (the basic one where you have no allowance and you just top up whenever you want and then use that credit for whatever, such as text, calls, the £1 a day for 3G Internet thing etc) can I use my home wifi service (from aol) on my phone for free and unlimited when I am at home? I am currently on the text & web tariff, where you top up £10 a month and get 300 texts, 500MB etc, but I want to switch to a cheaper tariff, the simplicity one where I can top up whenever, BUT I want to use wifi at home unlimited. Can someone explain which tariffs allow me to use unlimited wifi at home on my phone, thanks.
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wifi from your own adsl is always free as you pay aol for internet access just enter the wifi security code into your phone and use your wifi. So no tariff is required to use your own wifi

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Thanks, I just wanted to check as I wasn't entirely sure slight_smile
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