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Can I prioritise WiFi calling over poor 4G/3G signal?

I have a Samsung S7 on contract that I bought specifically because I wanted the option to use WiFi calling. This is because I have poor 4G/3G signal at home (not no signal but very poor).


However when someone tires to call me, I can have Wfi calling turned on but it is trying to use the 4G/3G signal to answer the call which basically means the WiFi calling feature is useless.


Same applies to outgoing calls.


Is there a way I can effectively turn off 4G/3G at home so it only picks up via WiFi or prioritise Wifi over 4G/3G?


It’s very frustrating currently as I work from home most days and my mobile is basically useless for incoming calls. 

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Re: Can I prioritise WiFi calling over poor 4G/3G signal?

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Turning on airplane mode will switch off the mobile signal completely, you  could then turn on WiFi for taking wifi calls.
Check your settings too as my OnePlus has the option to prioritize WiFi or mobile.

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Re: Can I prioritise WiFi calling over poor 4G/3G signal?

Hi @Alderney01, and welcome to the forum Wave I hope the suggestions above help, but it'd be great if you could come back to let us know if it worked for you or if you're after some further help!


Cheers @MI5 for the advice smiley

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