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Can I Change My Phone?

I would like to know if i can change my phone,
i have a 24 month contract with o2, the phone i am on contract with is a sony ericsson xperia x10i,
ive had this phone now for about 6 - 7 months, not long for some people i know,
however i have taken somewhat of a disliking into the phone over the last month or 2, i have sent the phone back before because of major lag, e.g. the phone would take an unbelievable amount of time to load an application or close the appliciation, i am now getting this problem again and cannot be bothered to keep sending it back,
i know you can change your phone in the last month of the contract but i mean im paying £60 a month for mine at the moment and its giving me so much lag that i want a different phone, would i be able to keep the sony ericsson and put a pay as you go sim in there and then buy a different phone and put my contract sim in there? or would that be in breach of the contract? if so would o2 change my phone under any circumstances? come on im paying £60 a month for a phone that keeps lagging on me and freezing, surely i could switch to a different phone for £60 a month and start the 24 month contract again?
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Re: Can I Change My Phone?

It's perfectly fine to buy a new phone and put your sim in there, Just be careful if your getting an Iphone or a blackberry. Anything else will be fine Smiley Happy
Edit: Sorry just read the end of it. I thought you wanted to buy a new phone yourself, You'd have to ring up o2 and beg down the phone.
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Re: Can I Change My Phone?

buying phone to use yes, but to start a new 24 month would mean paying the remaining months x 60
Send it back 3 times and o2 will offer a different handset. Stick with sending it back
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Re: Can I Change My Phone?

You would have to buy the phone yourself as O2 will not exchange it for another whether you are paying £60 a month or £10 a month.
You could offset the cost by selling your xperia x10i.
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Re: Can I Change My Phone?

@adamtemp64, i see, and that would be alot to pay off as i still have a year and a half left on the contract lol, i will try the sending it back process and see if that works then, Thanks Smiley Happy,
@PotDucky, i was thinking of getting the iphone 4, is this a bad choice then?, ah yes i was on about buying the phone myself but if it said in o2 terms that i wasnt aloud to do that then i was asking if o2 would change the phone,
@stevyjones, ok thank you that clears it all up, so i would have to buy the phone myself but yes it would be ok to put my sim card in another phone from the one i got now, selling my xperia? haha the most obvious thing and i seemed to have forgot about that, Thanks,
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