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Call allowance rip off

So disappointed with 02 . I've been a customer for years and was always pleased with their service, I have just been charged nearly £ 100 for unknowingly going over my call allowance. Feel so cheated by them. They don't tell you because it's a good way for them to make money. Disgusting.

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Re: Call allowance rip off

@Anonymous It's up to you to keep an eye on your bill. You can check your bill in your myo2 



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Re: Call allowance rip off

As a long standing customer you should be aware of MyO2 in which you can keep a track of your allowances like everyone else http://www.o2.co.uk/myo2
If you think you might be making more calls in future consider changing tariffs as it is cheaper in the long run.
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Re: Call allowance rip off

I know just how you feel, my energy company does the same thing. Let's me use as much gas as I want, then has the cheek to demand payment
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Re: Call allowance rip off

As customers and adults we have to take responsibility for many things in life. It's easy to blame others but there are different ways to keep a check on our usage. 

£100 is a lot of calls over your allowance, surely you would have some idea that you had used some 200+ extra minutes?