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Call Forwarding while Abroad - Charges Query

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I've been searching for the answer to this question but can't find anything definitive, so trying here!
I am travelling overseas with my iPhone. I plan to set the call forwarding option on my phone to redirect all calls to a UK landline number while I'm away (it's actually a Skype number but that should make no difference).
I understand that I will be charged for calls TO my iPhone number which are redirected to the UK landline number which I set.
My question is - at what rate? Will it be:
1. Essentially UK to UK and included in my free minutes?
2. UK to UK but EXCLUDED from my free minutes?
3. Charged as a call from wherever my iPhone is physically in the world to the UK?
I guess this depends if, using call forwarding, the call ever reaches the handset. I would have assumed not, but I read in another post that all call forwarding does is direct the call to your phone which then dials back out to your forwarding number. Surely not?
If anyone knows for sure I'd love to know.
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I think if you set the divert all to the uk landline before leaving the uk it will just be the uk divert charge.
Best to ring customer services and ask.
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Thanks. I would have thought your answer was correct but after ringing CS I find it's apparently not...
Apparently in this situation I'd be charged for receiving a call while overseas and making a call back to the UK concurrently every time anyone rang my (diverted) mobile. Doesn't sound quite right to me but I'm not chancing it!
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It depends which divert you set up. There are several different diverts. So both answers are correct, because the question doesn't specify which divert.
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