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Bolt On Deactivation Problem

Hello all,


Months ago last year I got a new phone, a HTC One Mini 2, as soon as my phone came through the post and was trying to set it up, I realised that my old SIM card was to big for it, so later in the day I had to go to my local phone store to get one.


What the Assistant didn't tell me was that the SIM card was a Bolt-On one, so everytime that I top up my phone It uses the credit into like 1000 texts, 500 call time and GB or internet usage. I don't want that, as it also prevents me from listening to my Voicemails, now it's very inportant to me that I listent to them and this stupid Bolt-On service is getting in the way of that!


Now i've been into various mobile stores for help but they always say the usual rubbish like; "Try the store you got the card from" or "ring this number x-x-x-x..." Yet I've already done all them and called every 02 helpline in the phonebook.


All I want is to simply have phone credit on my mobile to use for texting, calling and listening to my voicemails without the hassle of any stupid 02 offers in the way.


Is there any way of like texting and automated service to cancel all this.


Please help me anyone.


Thank you in return!

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Re: Bolt On Deactivation Problem

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Your best option would be Big Talker which will give you some allowances but also retain your credit. To switch your tariff to Big Talker, text BIGTALK to 21300 free from your O2 phone.


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Re: Bolt On Deactivation Problem

You should be able to change your tariff in My O2.

Thjere are only a couple of tariffs now where you keep your credit.

O2 Basic here : http://www.o2.co.uk/termsandconditions/mobile/o2basic

For this you will have to call customer service to request it.

International Sim : http://www.o2.co.uk/help/pay-and-go/international#qs

If you're an existing Pay & Go customer, either

  • Text INTSIM free to 21300
  • Call 2202 free from your mobile
  • Visit My O2
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Re: Bolt On Deactivation Problem

Hi @Anonymous and welcome to the community! Did you find any of the advice above useful, let us know if we can help you with any other thing.