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I set up a mobile phone account for my Mom before the lockdown. I went to the store to pick up the phone and take it to her before she was stuck in the house for 14 weeks without FaceTime. The guy in the store screwed up the order by saying that he could provide a better instore discount compared to the online store. He advised that he had cancelled the online order and completed in instore sale. For the last 4 month O2 have been taking double payments from my Moms bank account, for a sale that was apparently cancelled. If the guy had just let me pick up the phone this would not be a problem, but now after extensive phone calls my Mom is still paying for a phone line which does not even exist. The customer service guys are good, but they aren’t fixing the problem. Who do I contact now?
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Re: Billing.

@Phil79 The only numbers we have are in this link. Try 0800 977 7337 first:

Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

If you get no joy, your next option is to lodge a formal complaint:


Apparently the Resolver link within the above link has given people good results.


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Re: Billing.

Can you confirm how many payments/ direct debits are coming out? If it is 2 then your mum is on a refresh contract and there should be 2 payments as its 1 for the tariff and 1 for the device.

If its 4 payments then there will be 2 contracts running and you will need to call o2.