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Bad credit = no iPhone.


Long story short, a few years back I took out an 18 month contract with T-Mobile which included an additional 'bolt on', if you will, that gave me unlimited internet access on the phone. On the second month, my bill arrived amounting to more than double an average mortgage payment due to the fact that, without any good reason or authorization from myself, they removed my unlimited internet access (whilst still charging me for it in the bill), so thinking I still had it, as per my contract details, went about my business surfing the whole month, unknowingly running up an extremely large expense.

I went through a long process with them, disputing that they'd broken the law and voided their part of the contractual agreement, lawyers were involved, it almost went to court, etc etc, but the effective outcome was, my credit history was ruined, and I mean ruined.

I've been struggling to improve it since and, after attempting to get an iPhone 3GS yesterday, I yielded, as expected, little result.

I was wondering if at all, should I call O2, would they look at my case individually as opposed to just giving me a computer automated response? I'm more than willing to take out a contract that exceeds £50 per month, so I feel it's unfair that I'm being denied as such because of a situation that was of no fault of my own.

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Bad credit = no iPhone.

As for looking at individually, you might have limited success there but the problem now is that there is a 30 day period where you will be rejected for trying again. Though you may be asked to pay a deposit if your application is reviewed and accepted.

And yet, I've been told it's also 24 hours, 3 days and 2 weeks separately by three completely different members of O2 staff.
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Bad credit = no iPhone.

You say it did not go to court.

Did you settle the balance in the end and is the debt marked as satisfied.

If it still shows on credit check as unsatisfied then that will seriously affect you been there.

If you did pay and debt cleared you need to ask T-Mobile to enter that fact with the credit agencies. That worked for me. ( not a mobile phone company in my case)
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Bad credit = no iPhone.

If you tried O2 directly or O2 online you could always give CPW a go (or vice versa) as they do employ different credit checks.

Last year O2 direct knocked me back for the iPhone but CPW passed me.

This year CPW knocked me back for the iPhone 3GS but O2 passed me

Go figure!