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Applying discount

I have upgraded my mobile on 14th May but the device is now out of stock, despite being told that it was in stock at the time of upgrading. The problem I'm now having is that I thought I would apply my 25% discount while waitnig for delivery (no date given yet). I was sent an email with the link to apply the discount before 25th May. All goo at this point, apart from having the new phone. However, while I am trying to apply my 25% discount the error message says that is has been over 28 days since taking out my contract ( the message shows the date of my last contract back in 2018!) Will I have to wait until my new phone arrives before applying the discount. If so will I be able to as the link said to apply before 25th? Can anyone help please?

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Re: Applying discount

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You have 28 days to apply your discount UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.. However, as the phone is out of stock, that's not a problem of your making.

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I would be calling O2 now. All numbers in this guide

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Re: Applying discount

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The 28 days starts from when you receive the device and when your account updates, which it hasn't, yet.

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