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Am I being really silly here.....

I was on having a little look at a potential upgrade to the S10 and I cant understand why the "offer" O2 have for an existing customer is as follows:


S10 128GB


36 months

£41.20 per month

Total: £1482.30


When the following offer is currently on mobilephonesdirect.co.uk


S10 128GB


24 months

£38 per month (No upfront costs or cashback ****)

Total: £912


Am I missing something or are we being seriously ripped off?


Apologies if this has been covered before.....

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Re: Am I being really silly here.....

Hi Jonny,
the short answer is flexibility but that is a large difference in price can you pm me a link to the deal and ill take a look for you.

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Re: Am I being really silly here.....

A common question.....
MPD get paid a commission for selling new contracts. They pass part of this commission onto customers to make deals look attractive. They also don't have a network infrastructure to maintain, so can undercut on their resale prices.
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Re: Am I being really silly here.....

And you know, @Jonnydd1987, that the first offer is 36months, the 3rd year of which is not covered by manufacturer's warranty...


Rip-off, really. Horrified

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Re: Am I being really silly here.....