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Activate my sim card ! I can't top-up !

Hello everybody !! Smiley Happy
I'm a french student in london. I need your help to use my O² sim card.
Indeed, I called 248 to activate my sim card. I was asked to return the 19 digits + 5 digits.
That's what I'm doing. But when I try to top-up my card with my credit card on 4444, it does not work. I tried the website but it asks me for the phone number but I do not know.
Can you help me? How have my phone number?
thank you for your help !!
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Re: Activate my sim card ! I can't top-up !

you are using a uk credit card?
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Re: Activate my sim card ! I can't top-up !

You may be better topping up at a supermarket or store if you don't have a UK card/account.
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Re: Activate my sim card ! I can't top-up !

Calling 248 isn't for activating your account or your SIM. Its for linking your e-top up card to your account.
The phone number is printed on the label on the SIM holder (and the box if its a phone).