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Abysmal Service

Full story, cut short.


Ordered iphone 4s march 8th, due to come 13th march. Yodel delivery driver stole the phone. Had to put up with 2 weeks of investigations at which point told them to forget it and I would go elsewhere then finally was told o2 would send a replacement. Had made multiple calls, wrote emails etc and cost me time and money due to being phoneless.


Finally get a replacement beginning of April, was offered 2 months free service due to the issues I had and for being patient.


I accepted the offer. Then April 21st, they cut off my services, after having the phone only 3 weeks! Called and was apologized to, told they would fix the problem and I would have 2 months free service as promised before having a bill.


Today I have been cut off again. So thats twice I have been cut off in space of 4 weeks. I am now told I owe them £21.12  which is pretty strange as I have had the phone 4 weeks and was promised 2 months free service.


Now I am currently arguing with an online advisor who has told me to call payments team, which guess what... I cant call 202 or any other number off my phone! He is also telling me to just pay that and I will be reconnected.


To put it simply, I am well and truely fed up of the awful service!!!!

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Re: Abysmal Service

ok right this should be good for a laugh... their online advisor has just informed me, I have to pay for the period between when I ordered the phone (8th march) until the date I actually received the phone and sim (april)... So he believes that o2 can bill people a months tariff even when they dont have the sim or phone to use!!


If I dont get a call from someone at o2 within the next 24 hours, I will be going to trading standards as well as watchdog, then I will be wrapping up my phone and sim and sending it back to them and telling them where to put it!


I even asked him to clarify that I had understood him correctly, that he truely believed that a customer should be billed a service for the time before they even receive the sim and phone, to which he said yes I do have to pay for that! Disgusting. 

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Re: Abysmal Service

Sorry to hear about your ongoing problems.


What I would suggest is calmly giving customer services a call (0844 809 02 02, I forget the option for billing, possibly 1).


Explain in short what happened. You ordered a new phone, it was stolen in transit, you have had no service for "x" amount of weeks and on a previous call you were offered a good will gesture amounting to 2 month line rental, which you accepted. This has not been applied and you are now being cut off for non payement.


Advise them on your last call the advisor was unable to find any notes or give you any resoloution but you are sure they are able to help - if not, escalate the call until you do.


I do hope you get this sorted.