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Absurd customer service.

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Hi, this is my first post, so let me explain my situation.

I enjoy O2's pay and go service, and have been happy with pretty much everything. However, when I bought a Sony Ericsson w910i that turned out to be faulty, things took a dramatic nosedive.

I'm sure most of you have heard about O2's insane policy of having to send the phone off THREE TIMES before they seem bothered about doing anything. My phone was returned 30 days after purchase, so apparently we had to do things the hard way, as they have a 28-day limit on their reasonable customer service... The phone is FAULTY (a *very* common problem with this model) so I dont see why they just cant send it away, be credited by Sony, and allow me to pick a new phone. I'm even willing to pay extra to get a better model! Its an unbelievably frustrating game to play.

2nd time they sent me a 'new' handset, which turned out to be a refurbed one in WORSE condition than the one I sent away, and it STILL had the infamous 'turns off whenever if feels like' fault so common to the w910.

Now I awaiting 48hrs to see if they will offer me another phone, but to be honest, the first thing I will do is sign up with another company, as I'm so totaly dissapointed with O2, and I shall encourage my friends and family to do likewise.

Is there an email address or postal address that I can send a complaint to, as I feel this policy of "sending back 3 times" is utterly ridiculous.

This is more of a 'vent' than anything, so thanks for listening! lol

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Hope you get it sorted but my wife had so many problems with her W910 she was glad to get rid of it. I would never recommend a SE to anyone. The latest generation of their phones have a terrible reputation.

O2 Complaints Review Service

PO BOX 694


SO23 5AP
More information here : How do I make a complaint?


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Not suprised you're havin problems with your SE they are rubbish at the moment. My Gf had to send her c905 for repair and it came back scratched so the repairer that o2 use offered her a new phone but REFUSED her ANY SE's! In the end it was between a nokia n96 and a tocca ultra she chose the ultra as it was more of a girly phone. She says it's miles better than her c905
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Nearly all my phones except the very basic ones have been riddled with problems my w910i was hopeless. I had to return my LGKS360 3 times only to be sent a refurbished chipped one.RUBBISH
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