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A few questions....

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Hi everyone!

I am sure this will be the first of many posts picking your brains!

To recap I'm a new O2 customer and I have switched from over four years of iPhone use to android with the Sony Z3 compact handset which I received last night. My questions are:

1. I'm not writing the phone off just yet. I do like it but I'm not crazy mad about it... Yet. I wondered, under the 14 day cooling down period, I appreciate the handset has to be returned with no scratches etc.. But is it OK to remove the factory plastic covering on the front and back? Well mainly the back because I'd like to give the camera a good test.

Also with the 14 day cool down period, if I was to return the handset would it need to reach the returns department within the 14 days or would o2 just have to be at least notified within the 14 days?

2. The reason I've gone for a change from the iPhone is because I wasn't impressed with the iPhone 6 and perhaps the next release will be better. I took an o2 refresh tariff so that I could easily change my handset if I needed to before the 24 months.

I'd like to know if I am on a refresh contract, paying £28 a month (£18 airtime and £10 towards the handset), in say a year's time when I've paid around £220 towards the phone (I paid £99 also upfront) if I wanted a new phone (or change providers) would I be expected to pay just £120 (the remaining £10 x 12 months) making it a total of £340 paid for the phone? I'm confused because the handset is worth £413, so o2 would be losing money if this was the case.

That is what I was lead to believe from the gentleman I spoke to in the store plus that's how I understand it from the website.

3. Androiders... The handset didn't come with a notes app (like ios notes) nor an app for reminders or to make a list (like ios reminders) are there any alternative apps you'd recommend?

4. To help conserve the health of your battery, is it true you must ideally only charge your phone when the battery has completely run out?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and once again sorry for rambling on 😀 x
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Good luck and I hope all goes well.
It's always going to take a bit of getting used to a different phone but it'll be worth it in the end slight_smile
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