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3G problem in parts of Swindon?

I am currently unable to use 3G data where I work, this has been a problem since last Thursday (1st November). I can only get Edge GPRS which is VERY slow and practically useless. Normally I have no problem whether indoors or outside. A colleague on O2 is having the same problem too. Everywhere else I go is fine, it's just this one area of the town, SN25 postcode area.

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Re: 3G problem in parts of Swindon?

Status checker says its OK so O2 may not be aware. I would call and report it http://status.o2.co.uk/
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Re: 3G problem in parts of Swindon?

try switching the phone on & off, switch on & off 3g, toggle on & off in airplane mode if you have it

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