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3G and 4g signal

Is it normal for 3G and 4g to be a lot slower when browsing the web compared to WiFi? Sometimes it struggles to load web pages. Is this to do with how many people are using it in an area at the same time?
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Re: 3G and 4g signal

Lots of things can affect the speed of mobile data. Signal strength and number of users are the main ones.
WiFi is usually faster except in areas of exceptional mobile data connections.
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Re: 3G and 4g signal

I'm outside the pub and the Cloud wifi is weaker than the 4G so yes or varies depending on the congestion and the strength of signal. 

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Re: 3G and 4g signal

Download the speedtest.net app



That can be used on WiFi, 4g and 3g - if you use it as home bear in mind WiFi speeds will be a lot lower than advertised speeds for your home broadband.