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I've just received my 1st mobile (PAYG) and most things are working as I think they should. However, I have a few problems with the O2 website, specifically the MyO2 stuff.


I keep getting 404 errors (ie pages not found), for instance when I want to view my bill. I assume this means that as a PAYG customer I have no bills to pay and no billing page. Still, it seems strange that O2 is not able to tell me that but instead presents an error page. IN general the website is rather less intuitive than it could be... one reason I chose O2 was the customer service.


Also I can't register for the 10 free text messages. I get a page where a "mobile validation code" is requested. I press the button to receive a new code and nothing at all happens. Is this service working and is it available for PAYG customers?


Finally, I am not very clear about the SIM PIN and the phone password. The first locks the SIM, the second the phone. So if I set both to reasonable values and then manage to lose the phone nobody can use the SIM or the phone. However, I then have to enter two PINs upon switching on the thing. That's cumbersome. What is the received wisdom here?


THX for any help. Jon

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Hi there,

You should be able to view things like your balance, tariff etc via MyO2 - so your experience sounds strange.

Are you still having problems? If you are, let us know by dropping a PM to us with more info and we can check it out for you:)
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Yes, I am still having problems. In fact, about the only "useful" things I can do with MyO2 is to login and to logout.

* I can't see my balance, get a 404 page (

* I can't go to the auto-top page (seems to be the same problem as in the thread "Problem auto top-up".

* I can't register for free texts. The promised code is never sent ans so I am stuck on the "Register" page.

* The only things that seems to work is O2 email which I don't need.


In short, on the MyO2 website almost nothing works. Well, at least the mobile itself works;-)





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Problem solved: you have to register your phone number with MyO2 (which I duly did). After that registration you have, once again, to register (or continue the registration) by going to the personal details page and requesting a code.


After receiving and entering that code I can see my bill and also the top-up page.


Giving a hint (eg in the FAQs) about the necessity to continue the registration/re-register would be a good idea, IMHO.


YMMV etc.

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