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Re: £1 Data charge daily

To avoid being charged £1 per day for data allowance make sure your phone is linked only to Wifi via your router (hub) and NOT to any other Wifi source. When out of range of your own router you will have to switch to alternative Wifi sources and be charged. 

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Re: £1 Data charge daily

There’s no charge to use any WiFi at all.
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Re: £1 Data charge daily

I think you should switch off mobile data, I don't know about iPhones but I know Android will select open or previously used wi-fi networks in preference to mobile data, it sounds like you are going out of wi-fi range.



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Re: £1 Data charge daily

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Re: £1 Data charge daily

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Re: £1 Data charge daily

Also worth noting that iPhones have a feature called Wi-Fi Assist, which uses mobile data when Wi-Fi is struggling (Settings -> Wi-Fi and scroll right to the bottom). Handy if you have lots of mobile data to use, but not so in your circumstances.

As already stated though, turning off mobile data is probably the best bet for you.