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02 Customer Service Preston

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I have just returned my payandgo iphone to the 02 shop in Preston, and I am quite shocked with the service I received. I said that I was returning it under the 14 day money back guarantee. The assistant asked a couple of times what was wrong, was it faulty. I didn’t want to say that the GPS would not get a fix as I couldn’t be bothered waiting for them to test it. But he kept asking, so I say the GPS wouldn’t get a fix.

Now even although I said I was returning it under the 14 day money back guarantee, he now proceeds to test it. I said again that I am returning it under the 14 day money back guarantee, he replied that 02 have to understand why I am returning it. I thought that within the 14 days you don’t have to give a reason??
After the assistant got the iphone up and running he places it in front of me and we watch the MAPS app load a map of Preston, at no point does the dot pulse (so no fix) however he tells me that its got a fix and that it works. He continues to say that when it’s pulsing, that’s it calculating and when it stops pulsing, that’s it got a fix. I told him he was wrong, he replied that he’s had an iphone for 18 months and that’s the way it works!

The service was terrible, I was just retuning a product that they sell. I wasn’t breaking the law or anything – these assistants seem to take things so personally.

By a very disapointed customer!
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I was under the impression that the 14 days applied to contracts not pay as you go.
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Well I asked when I bought it and I was told that I had 14 day no hassle return. However they don't tell you that you can't get the £10 top up back!
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For clairty on the gps issue.

Indoors with only Cell triangulation you only get a solid blue circle.
Outdoors with gps signal you get the pulsing blue circle that is smaller the more sats you can see so more accurate position.

It says this here with a few differences ... -locations
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14 day return applies to both contract and pay & go. You can get the £10 top-up back (or whatever credit you had left) if you speak to customer service. You'll need the mobile number for the iphone you've returned.
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