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not provisioned 2 ?

Hello. O2 transfered my pay & go number to my pay monthly contract. It now shows sim not provisioned tho O2 says its active their end. I also had no blackberry internet evn tho bolt on was paid for tried everything
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Re: not provisioned 2 ?

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If you have spoken to O2 via live chat I would suggest you ring them from an O2 powered phone on 202 to speak to O2 uk CS or From a landline 0844 809 0202 &; 5p to have your account checked that you have a blackberry tariff. Also the transfer may still be settling.

Try turning your phone off and on to help connection.

You may have to visit a O2 shop to have them transfer your mobile and tariff from your old SIM card to an account specific blank SIM card.

You can also do this at home via http://swapmysim.o2.co.uk after picking up an account specific blank SIM card from any O2 store or have one posted out to you.

This process can take up to 24 hours to settle.

Ref blackberry.
Have you logged into Blackberry Services found in heir home page.
Also On the newer phones the blackberry bolt on is not required.

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Re: not provisioned 2 ?

Remove the battery with phone turned on, then restart the phone.
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