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Not Registered On Network


I have this rather perplexing issue, at the moment my Note 2 keeps displaying "not registered on network" when I try to make a phone call or try and text, however I'm able to use my data allowance!

I have done the usual things to try and rememdy the problem:


Changed network mode to GSM - didn't work.

Taken out SIM card, and cleaned it  - didn't work..

Taken out SIM card, and placed in another phone - which works!

Check the service status - current problem with mast in my locailty however I did drive almost 2 miles away, and checked the service status which showed no problems, yet still I couldn't call!

Reset my phone -  - didn't work!

Spoke to it nicely -  - didn't work!


What I need to know is the following:


  • What is the definitive definition of "not registered on network" mean? Does it refer to the SIM alone, or is it both the SIM and the phone?
  • If my phone can not register on the network, then why on earth can I still use my data allowance? Surely it is dependent on being able to connect to the network!! - and yes I have turned off my wifi!!
  • A solution to the problem, short off get my phone repaired as there is nothing wrong with it! 

Thank you in advance of your replies.


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Re: Not Registered On Network

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Hi ,




Where did you get the Note from ?


Ask O2 Uk Customer Service to reset your account.


Text ACTIVE to 2020, save and reboot the note.


You may need to seek assistance from the manufacturer support site.



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Re: Not Registered On Network

The fact that the sim works in another phone to make calls indicates an issue with your handset.
Did you buy it from O2 or a reputable outlet or was it an ebay purchase?
I have seen blocked phones where data would still work for a while even though it was barred from making calls. Smiley Sad
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