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I have a problem as a low user on pay as you go

Well I can't get my head round all this threads,messages and forums. All I wanted to do was find some things out from O2. But Ill run it passed you perhaps you could send me on the right path. I have had a pay as you go phone for about 5Years, I can make phone calls on it and that's all, I can't stand texting. I have to top up the phone every 3 months with £10. as you can now tell I don't make many phone calls. The trouble is every time I try to top up the phone with a credit card the credit card company now stops my credit card. I have be told that I can get a pay as you go top up card. But from where and how does it work. I keep getting texts every time I make a call telling me my balance or if it's a free call, which is very annoying Bing Bing Bing. I tried to stop it by texting stop to a number and it tuck £3.50 off my credit. It stopped for a month then started again. I also get texts telling me that if I top up £15 I will get 100Mb of free Internet. If I call 2220 I can stop these texts but after taking to a machine for 15 minuets pushing buttons on the key pad drives you round the twist. ( My 1st mobile phone was the size of two bricks and calls cost £1.50 a min with a battery life of 4hrs.Before that it was them tall square glass boxes on street corners with a phone and a pay box with buttons A & B ) Any chance you could help. Regards Colin.

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Re: I have a problem as a low user on pay as you go

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The only reason you would have to top up every 3 months is to get the broadband discount.


Various ways to top up:




I believe balance texts can be turned off if you ring O2.

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Re: I have a problem as a low user on pay as you go

Do you feel a little better after your rant !


A little bit of patience is needed here as your aware of all the steps you need to follow to resolve your gripes.

Take care.