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A follow up to deafness and older customers

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Sorry. this one is a grumble.

A close relative, retired well educated financier,now  older person, hard of hearing,pleasant, visited the local store with a phone which wasnt working. In working life he went high up the ladder but never had to use computers or mobile phones until latter days. He expects to go onto a shop have the problem fixed and go away again . His phone wasn't working so he goes to the 02 store

  • He was sold a new phone and a new sim card -                he wanted his old number
  • The next day his old (broken?) original phone with old sim card and old number was ringing every time the family phoned or texted.
  • His new phone didnt work
  • I contacteed chat line on his behalf and they said he should be able to get this sorted
  • Day 3   my relative goes back to the shop, sim is changed and hes told that it will work ok with original number
  • Same day phone stops, Message says Insert SIM.  Discovers sim is not inserted properly
  • Discovers he has lost all his contacts
  • Discovers a large amount of money ''pay as you go money'' has ''lost / not transferred'' (not sure if thats one or both phones)


Sadly he will not let me talk with him to the chat service on his behalf and may not let me go to the store.

NOTE  02  staff  When dealing with older people, carefully go over  every step. Why was there confusion about the tel no;  why did no one sort the transfer of nos and of phonebook.  The staff on CHAT are excellently trained in every step with tact and friendliness. So if they are in the same company why does it appear shop staff arent.

Sorry 02 i luv u really but this and my lost property post is making me wobble. As an older person, who is long term considerably deaf and with another condition my need to for care and consideration whilst treating me as a person whos seen life in its fullness