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call details

I can get on My O2 online but I can't seem to get any details (date, time, cost) of calls.  Is there some way of doing this?

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Re: call details

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If you're a PAYG customer, no, alas.


If you're a contract customer, yes, all detail is on your Bill "download and print my current or past bills".




Which are you, @John48 ?

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Re: call details

I recently switched from contract to pay as you go - so no details availble, that's rubbish.  My wife has a pay as you go with Vodafone and can see online full details of all calls.

Is there any reason for staying with O2??

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Re: call details

I have an EE PAYG sim and can see all details online too, however, o2 is cheaper for low users.
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Re: call details

@John48 As you're now Pay & Go, if you're unhappy it's easy enough to leave. If you want to keep your number you will need your PAC. Here is a guide:https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/How-to-get-your-PAC-2017-Update/ba-p/1052278
Just make sure you will get good coverage from the network you choose to move to before you switch.


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Re: call details

Hi @John48 

I am on Pay Monthly O2 but one of my family is on EE PAYG and they can get bill details.

It would be good if O2 offered that service as it can be very helpful.

Maybe they will consider it in the future.

We all found that it is very useful to have different mobile providers making sure they

are different ~ just in case there is a problem with service at any time.

Hope you find the service you require and good luck.