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Sim card

Does my pay as you go sim card expire if i dont top it up regularly.. would I lose my number? Thanks!!

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Re: Sim card


You need to make a chargeable call at lease once every 6 months and top up every 999 days.

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Re: Sim card

You would lose your number unless you do the above as it's recycled. If you go a month over that 6 months you could get the number back but you would need to call customer service who will reregister unless it's been reallocated to someone else.

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Re: Sim card

Hi @David9
This has happened to a friend a very low user was with a different phone company whilst ill, cut off took money left in too ๐Ÿ‘Ž Actually the terms were much worse than O2 .
Changed to o2 after that.
Good luck take care TallTrees