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Pay As You Go

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Changing from Pay monthly to PAYG

Having trouble trying to access the PAYG tariffs to show what I might be able to switch to.  out of contract now, but on a pay monthly tariff which is costing more than I need.


02 just keep referring me to the 02 app or community pages but I need to talk to someone about it! Frustrating!

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Re: Changing from Pay monthly to PAYG


If you’re moving to pay and go you’ll need a new sim. You can order one on the website, or phone customer services, or pop into a store.


There is some fab options for Sim only Tariffs that are worth looking at. Again the contact options above are

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Re: Changing from Pay monthly to PAYG

Hey @WP02user just checking if this got sorted or are you still having trouble?

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Re: Changing from Pay monthly to PAYG

Thanks Sarah, Those links were useful (much more than the online chat bot which sent me in circles) and the automated service on the phone, which was just plain frustrating.


My current handset is a Galaxy S3 mini, so quite old. I bought a new Galaxy A3 2017 and a £10 deal with giff gaff and THAT is my main phone now. but I need to cancel one phone as it's costing more than I need.  Can 02 match my deal with giff gaff? The closest I can get to it seems to be the 5gb deal on an 18 month contract in the sim only deals.  Should I call to speak to an operator about this?