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£5 credit

I have registered Sim on O2 using the link "Get £5 free credit. When you register for My O2, on Pay As You Go". Job done,....but no credit on my phone.

I have tried calling 4445 customer services to be just given top-up options or to call 4445 for help......SAME NUMBER THAT I AM CALLING!!!

I have tried webchat, but just get the normal message 

"Give us a moment

We're just checking to see if there's an available agent." !!!

So frustrating...I used to be with O2 a few years ago and now remember why I swithed networks!

Any suggestions?

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Re: £5 credit


You will need to persevere with calling them I'm afraid.  4445 is the number for Customer service  PAYG....though I expect they are very busy after the Network outage .

Other ways to top up here if you need to urgently



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Re: £5 credit

@WendyP It maybe a virtual credit where you don’t see it but you use it before you see your balance go down as normal 

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Re: £5 credit

Thank you Cleoriff.
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Re: £5 credit

I currently don't have any credit (tight month) and my phone is not letting me call out or text, so not yet available.
Thank you lovemyphone for responding though.
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Re: £5 credit

Hi @WendyP, how are you getting on with this, did you make any progress yet regarding the free credit? 

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