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3,2,1 overcharges

Hi, 2 months ago I got CS to remove my 'your o2 numbers bolt on' as a light user the 3,2,1 tariff is cheaper for me. However since then on the majority of texts I send I get 22p deducted from my balance, not 2p. I noticed today after a 51 second phone call that an extra 20p was deducted then too. I have contacted CS countless and I'm getting nowhere. The latest was the tech team can't find a reason for it so they can't fix it. If I turn my phone off and on again the 20p adds back on to my balance. I'm really frustrated and really hope someone out there can please shed any light on this? Surely I'm not the only customer experiencing this??
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Re: 3,2,1 overcharges

Sounds like your tariff change didn't complete properly.
I get frustrated when customers get let down by customer service as they are there to help, not make excuses.
This needs escalation to second line support but I'll tag @Marjo to see if she can get anything moving for you.
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Re: 3,2,1 overcharges

Thanks for your speedy reply, worth mentioning- I did also do a sim swap in case my old sim was faulty (at CS's suggestion) and turned balance notification off and on again to no avail. I really appreciate your reply, thanks again!
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Re: 3,2,1 overcharges

Good morning @J20  and thanks for the mention @MI5 .

Sorry to hear about your struggles with this. I'm happy to get someone to have closer look at this for you! I'll need a few additional details so will drop you a Private Message here on the forum shortly. (You can get to your PMs from the link on the upper-right side of the community page.)

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