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£10 Data Big Bundle.

Hi douse anyone know what's going on with the £10 Data Big Bundle? Because in this months o2 booklet that I got from the o2 shop says it changed to 4GB and 1000 Minutes and 10,00 Texts. But I have not had a text about the change and I looked on my account and it don't show anything of the change.
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Re: £10 Data Big Bundle.

Hi @Luke30 

Nothing changed in the information from O2 ?

£10 data Big Bundle (without international calls)

  • 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB of 2G/3G/4G data in exchange for £10 each month. Includes data rollover of up to 2GB a month, subject to bundle caps.


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Re: £10 Data Big Bundle.

As I'm an O2 Trader, I received an email stating that that allowances are doubled when topping up big bundle sims until August 28th. However, I think that is only on new activations.

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Re: £10 Data Big Bundle.

Hey @Luke30, I'm not sure if the info above answered your question or not, but it'd be great to hear from you! In case it didn't, could you tell us more about this booklet and the changes you were expecting?


Thanks @Cleoriff and @jonsie for your help on this one sunflower

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Re: £10 Data Big Bundle.

Its the £10 Data Big Bundle I'm talking about not the Data International Bundle.
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Re: £10 Data Big Bundle.

it is a double data promotion the £10 bundle. the promotion is also on the £20 and £30 bundles.

it is avaliable for new and existing customers but o2 seem to be keeping the promotion a secret from existing customers.

to get 4gb on the £10 bundle you have to text DOUBLE to 2424.

the double data is applied when the bundle next renews and you get double data each month for 12 months.

there is more information here.