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O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

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When I heard about your new On and On tariff, I thought great Unlimited Calls, Texts and Internet... Well, there was only 1GB/2GB. I know giffgaff (which is owned and runs on the O2 network), T-Mobile, Three and TalkMobile (runs on Vodafone) now all offer in some way Unlimited Data. Almost everyone has a smartphone or a phone running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian ect and all these phones are hungry for data. While I understand that you will say that there are network constraints, you allow your sister network giffgaff to do this and we pay alot more than most giffgaff users and other networks. I like to think alot of us are loyal to O2 and hope they do listen to their customers. Obviously you will always get people abuse the service, if someone says they downloaded 250GB or something crazy on their 'phone' then of course you could kick them off the unlimited data, obviously try to warn users first though.


I hope I'm not the only one who feels like this. 


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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

giffgaff has hidden limits of around 15-20GB monthly.


It's business model works by having other low data users subsidize the heavy data users.


giffgaff run as a seperate company to O2 though and have to pay them for their data usage, so some of their customers are costing more than what they pay to the company.

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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

If you can afford it, get yourself a GiffGaff Sim and run both. Call Forward when on GiffGaff, so you don't miss any calls! £10 a month!
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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

Little known thing about Blackberry's: They compress data so aren't actually a bandwidth consumer in the context of say the iphone, Android etc. I've only ever exceed 100MB a few times in three years and I'm constantly using mine.

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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

This is the very reason why I am sticking to my age old Simplicity 20 Tariff. All the mins and txts I need but with unlimited data which I regularly use a minimum of 1GB per month.

O2 keep plugging their "On and On" Tariff like it is the best thing since sliced bread, however £36 p/m is very pricey to me as I like to keep monthly payments to a minimum.
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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

I'm sticking with my old Simplicity 20 tariff with Unlimited web bolt-on too Smiley Happy

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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

Just don't exceed 4GB because you have no other means of access because you moved home and BT won't be around until July 10th, they'll cut you off all together.

I also have the unlimited web bolt on simplicity.
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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

I have unlimited data on O2 but it wasn't until I was in hospital for 1 year I found its not unlimited at all and O2 slipped in a fair usage policy when they felt like it which in my eyes was a change in my contract
I'm sure if I wanted to change my contact and cancel it after 1 year that O2 would have something to say about it

The word unlimited should mean unlimited or will O2 slip in a fair usage policy at some point when they see fit

I move to O2 when they were the only network that had the iPhone so they had the market covered and yet still gave us some good deals now you can get the iPhone on any network you would think they would make there offers better to compleat with the other networks but no

Download a few tunes watch a bit of TV or you tube and 1 gb is gone before you know it

3 and tmobile are offering TRUE unlimited data as much as O2 tell you they must have a fair usage policy they don't and I can guarantee that 100%

I'm dumping O2 now as if I upgrade to iPhone 5 I lose my unlimited data which isn't actually unlimited in favour of a network that I was with for 10 years before O2 as they always treated me well

O2 you have gone from a good network that treats customers well to a company that robs us blind

Feel free to contact me if you can match tmobiles offer of unlimited call text and data for £41 per month as I have asked you again and again if you were going to bring unlimited data back in and you have said NO with the realise of the iPhone due next week I feel of you don't sort this out a lot of people will be dumping o2
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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

Ha gifgaf has limits of 20 gb
I'm on a original O2 unlimited data plan and that only has 4-5gb then they cut you off dead

I lost both my legs and was in hospital for 1 year with only my iPhone to keep me busy one month I used more than normal O2 then me a text to say slow down then cut my data off
I then called to get a 1gb bolt on they said I can't buy extra data as I was on unlimited data I asked if its unlimited then why have I had a block put on
Their reply was sorry sir we can't do anything I had to go and buy a pay as you go sim with 500 mb of FREE data

Did I even get a sorry or anything no

I know people try it on but I even got the call centre guy to call me back IN MY HOSPITAL BED
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Re: O2 Reintroduce Unlimited Data

i have a blackberry and only get 500 mb of internet. they need it unlimated like other networks and they dont listen to customers