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I have recently switched over from o2 to Vodafone to get the bold9700. I had a
@o2email.co.uk web account which over the years have got a lot of emails going to. Im trying to change this over to my new Blackberry but cannot remember the password, just lost for who to contact for this as i cannot access it on my old Blackberry. o2 customer service cant provide me with any information so is it the Blackberry o2 customer service who could?

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https://www.o2.co.uk/login?sendTo=https ... ion/Update
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The above links i believe are for my contract with o2, i can access them fine. Has anybody else got an email account with the following link


I have spoken to o2 customer services and they have just given me an incorrect number.
Has anyone got a contact number for o2 blackberry customer help?
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Sorry for hijacking the thread but I also have an issue with my O2 email thingy. Having upgraded to a new blackberry at the weekend and went onto www.o2email.co.uk but when I enter my pin and stuff it says my phone isn't registered? Anyone able to give me any advice on this?
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Try this;

menue button
advanced options
host routing tabe

then click menu button and select Register Handset.
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