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Nokia Lumia 800 MMS settings on O2



I can't get my Lumia 800 to receive MMS messages. I can send them, and I can use the internet, but MMS messages sent to me simply come up as a link to "get media content now" which never opens.


I've tried fiddling with the APN settings and get no luck, as well as switching networks and switching back again. Anybody able to offer some assistance?


I'm on an O2 pay monthly contract.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 800 MMS settings on O2

Just possible you have the same issue I had. To correct I went to 'network settings' but make sure you have the up to date version from the Nokia collections from marketplace. Then check that you have O2-UK selected and not the pre-pay option or any other. Hope this helps Smiley Happy