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Why wont O2 repair my phone?

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Hi there,

On Monday I brought my Sony Xperia S into the Skipton store as the screen had started to yellow in places which was a fault with the first few batches of this phone, carriers around the world and Sony themselves are quick to replace or repair the phone as it is a manufacturing fault.

However, after visiting the store and booking mine in for a repair by a miserable and rude sales advisor as an "in warranty manufacturing fault", I've just checked online to find a quote for £45.11 and a note " Unfortunately your handset is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty so we have raised the following estimate for you" - for a complete refurb.

My phone is only 5 months old, well within the warranty period and has a fault recognised by Sony that needs to be repaired for free, so I am a bit puzzled why they want to refurb my phone and charge me for it, instead of fixing a fault in which they are obliged to do.
Normally I would contact customer services by phone but I am waiting for my phone to come back so I can start a new simplicity contract, needless to say I wont be doing that now, so if any staff could help be understand why I am being quoted for work which isn't needed instead of a fault being fixed for free I would be grateful.

When I was in the Skipton store the girl asked me "do you think the screen is yellowing because you have scratched it?" Now I'll admit the screen had a couple scratches on it as any 5 month old piece of glass would but it certainly got me confused why I didn't get a job in that store but a total anti-social technophobe did.

The job fault was also described on the booking page as "software fault" which it isn't, and they are awaiting a response from customer although they haven't contacted me other than the text to tell me they have received my phone.

Anybody had the same experience as me with O2 repairs?


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Personally I would get the phone back and deal directly with Sony Ericsson, much better to deal with the manufacturer than O2's repairers.

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Thank you jonsie, I think I will have to do that. This is what I got in a helpful email from Sony yesterday, "The turnaround time for the repair process is currently on average 5-7 working days, from when the repair centre receives the handset." That's a few days less than O2 and Sony themselves will know the fault and solution I presume, although I've seen o2 fix many of these handsets before.

"Please send a copy of your proof of purchase along with the handset in the Jiffy bag, if you do not have a copy of your proof of purchase we will endeavour to validate the handset warranty" I have lost my receipt in an old wallet but hopefully they will be able to check the warranty against the IMEI, besides the handset is only came out in March I think so impossible that the warranty has expired.

I'm very perplexed at the solution O2 has given me and I would like to assume they have my handset confused with another repair, now I must wait for contact from o2 so they can explain to me whats going on or get my handset back, or I could visit the store whilst I'm passing tomorrow. 

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Just a quick update to anybody in the same position as me or interested in the repairs process.

Just checked this evening to find that my phone is being returned to the store "Out of warranty - returned unrepaired". Ive still had no contact from O2 and don't see how they have managed to work out a 5 month old phone has run out of its 12 months warranty... Now im also concerned that if and when I return it to a Sony repair centre they will not repair it as its been opened up by o2 already.

I should have sent it to Sony in the first place, lesson learned, O2 wont be receiving my custom again. 

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I bet that o2's repair company have said out of warranty water damage as the reason for non repair.

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@adamtemp64 wrote:

I bet that o2's repair company have said out of warranty water damage as the reason for non repair.

You old cynic you Smiley LOL

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Got a call saying its in and ready to pick up today, went in to find the phone unrepaired, a helpful man explained that I didn't respond to O2 contact which is why its been sent back, I told him that I was never contacted and an extremely arrogant advisor told me that I had been contacted, I showed him the log book in my phone with no missed calls and he still wouldn't believe me, as soon as he figured out O2 was in the wrong he didn't admit fault and offer another repair he claimed because I had a scratch on my screen the warranty is invalid....

To make matters worse when I got home and opened the box, the top right hand corner of the screen is peeling off, there are new chips and scratches on the body and screen and the backplate wont stay on because the chassis hasn't been put back together correctly.

I told my mum when I got home and I could not stop her from calling the store, quite worryingly they told her all my information without my permission but anyway they said that I need to go into the store first with the phone, I feel ive wasted so much time and money so the first thing I actually do is contact good old trading standards and compile a list of evidence against O2. Be warned people, just send your phone back to the manufacturer, not o2, otherwise it will be returned worse than ever with a bullsh** story.

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Write it all down, times dates and places, everything that happened.


You may need this:,Kb=Companion,question=ref%28User%29:str%28Mob...

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Never ever deal with the network operator for warranty repairs to phones as it normally always ends in tears / problems , go straight to the manufacturer.


FYI: Sony  ( Sony Ericsson ) is 24 months warranty on the handset, fingers crossed that Sony will honor the warranty still after O2's repair monkeys have had a go at it.


Having dealt with SE a few times for warranty repairs over the last 10 years all I can say is the service is first class & that's why im happy to buy one of there products.

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That is correct it is often a lot easier to go direct to the manufacturer but in a legal sense its o2's obligation to repair it as you brought it from them I do hate it when these companies try to shirk their responsibilities

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