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I've recently arranged for an upgrade through O2 refresh, an iPhone 6S Plus in Silver. However, this colour is now out of stock and means my phone won't arrive for ages Smiley Sad 


I'm just wondering if I change the colour of the device, will my new phone come sooner? I'm not too bothered about the colour, I would just really like my new phone as soon as possible!!


Thanks in advance <3

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Re: Upgrade

Hi @emallon89

There is no guarantee that any colour you order will be in stock, O2 do NOT have a live stock ordering system

The only way of finding out is to phone customer services in the morning https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

8-8.30am is the best time to avoid a long wait.

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Re: Upgrade

Ahhh okay that makes sense!! Thank you so much!

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Re: Upgrade

There is no certainty that customer service will actually know what is in stock. As said, with no live stock system in place they will look at the computer and order it in all good faith but you may end up in the same situation. The only sure way is to go instore and walk out with whatever colour they have.