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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Hi, There are no more Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Refurb in the 02 shop.I was just wondering if anybody knew if there is some kind of waiting list you could go on to get one. can get a samsung note 4 from moibles.co.uk which is brand new. but just wanted to know what way it would work out buying outside of 02

                                                                                     Thanks Paul

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

No one here will know when stock is coming in, you'll just have to keep checking for stock yourself.
You can buy from elsewhere if you wish, which is no problem, but you won't get refresh from any other supplier.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

You can buy sim free unlocked from Amazon or Samsung but would need to pay for it outright. On the other hand giffgaff have them and you could pay monthly or upfront  https://www.giffgaff.com/samsung/samsung-galaxy-note-4/phone-details

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