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Problem with my Sim card(?)

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Okay so here's what happened.

I lost my Nokia N8 over a week ago, and claimed on my insurance to get a new one, so obviously they blocked my Sim and phone. They sent me through a Nokia X6 because apparently they had no N8's in stock. The Sim card wouldn't work in the X6, or any other phone I tried it in, but I was planning on upgrading within a few days so I didn't bother contacting the O2 team about it.

Not sure if it's important or not, but I asked to keep my number on both incidents.

So, yesterday morning I upgraded my contract and got an iPhone 4, and after waiting about 12 hours the new Sim card wouldn't work. I logged in to the O2 support to speak to someone online, because the contract is in my dads name and he wasn't here to speak to them via phone, and they said they would activate my Sim, and it would work again in 1-4 hours. By then it was too late for me to wait up to see if it would work, so when I got up this morning I tried turning it off, then back on, and even tried taking out the Sim card, but it still won't work.



At the top left hand side of the screen it does show "O2-UK" for my provider, but I can't make calls, or receive calls. The same goes for text messages.

Any idea's?

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so o2 sent you a  microsim did you do the swapmysim form online?


Have you connected via itunes?


Did you get a replacemnt full size sim and activate it before doing the simswap to microsim or are you still using the blocked sim number?

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I went into the shop to get my phone, and yes, I got a micro sim. I didn't do the swap my sim form, the staff members inside the store said they could transfer the number over for me.


Yes, I have connected via iTunes.


I didn't get a replacement full size sim, they just gave me the microsim and told me it would take 2-24 hours for it to activate/transfer.


It has been over 24 hours, and still nothing.

Sorry for the late reply, by the way.

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Hi,  have you called customer services to ask them to remove the restrictions from your account that they would have put on when you reported it stole?

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