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I am trying to join o2 as a business customer and wanted to get hold of someone to see how the set up is going and get a tracking number for the delivery of phone - I was on hold for 35 minutes yesterday and am currently on hold now - up to 47 minutes so far! I am really debating whether to continue with o2 business, I can't be kept on hold for this length of time every time I need to speak to someone - is this always the case?
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I agree

I am in exactly the same position and already have numerous O2 'phones but I am wondering whether I should go elsewhere...............
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Ok. That's enough. I am off to Vodafone....

If there is anyone at O2 who is monitoring their own forum that cares that they are losing loyal customers they should e-mail me
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these forums apart from the broadband section are just customer to customer.

In the past I have had no issues with o2 business on 8002 normally answered within a few rings unless there are major network issues like the other day.

I would also delete your personal info before it gets moderated or spammed
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You have my sympathy!

Have placed an order with O2 business via the web and wanted to call to check on progress (should have received it by now). The one time I did manage to get through to Business Sales - apparently the people I need to speak to after much transferring between departments - the guy told me he was too busy to deal with me and cut me off. Spent 45 minutes on hold yesterday, and then they closed as it was 5pm. Either they need more people or to open beyond 9-5, surely they want new customers??