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O2 Dongle not allowing webcam in new windows

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Hi there.


I recently got an O2 pay as you go dongle as a temporary replacement for my home internet. I'm very pleased with it, and have had no problem other than the following:


I use a chatroom that opens in a new window, and when I try to switch my webcam on in this new window I get the usual Flash dialogue box that asks you to either "Allow" or "Deny" the website from accessing my cam, but I can't click either option. I changed the Flash settings so that they would always allow access to my webcam and this works, but the webcam then doesn't load and gets stuck on one still frame.


I was advised to roll back the Flash driver to an earlier version, and I've tried this but it still makes no difference.


Via one of the O2 forums I read an article that suggested O2 dongles disable javascript on some pages, and this might be why I'm having no luck firing up my webcam.


Has anyone else experienced this problem, or does anyone know of a solution that can get around this?



Thanks in advance,



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