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Netflix redemption not working

Upgraded my phone about 2 months ago, was entitled to a free 12 months Netflix offer, have been trying ever since to redeem it and having no luck. Type in my phone number, they send me a code, then it says not eligible! Have spoke to o2 on the phone several times, no help, they can see it is showing up as eligible on my account so don’t understand. Been told to contact Netflix, have done, they direct back to o2. So frustrated. Any help greatly appreciated!
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Re: Netflix redemption not working

@Martin-O2can you help?

*The Game Is On*

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Re: Netflix redemption not working

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Re: Netflix redemption not working

Thanks for the tag on this one @Cleoriff


@Bke93 I've replied to your private message so please get back to me when you have a minute. 

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