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My O2 website / online help forms

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Tried logging into My O2 to change my direct debit as i was changing banks, but it wouldn't recognise my details. Tried the forgotten details link only my mobile number wasn't recognised (?!?). Managed to sign up again using the same number but all i get now is that the page cannot be found. 


Filled in the online help form, got a email asking me to reply with password details if i wanted to continue support via email which i did, only to get an email back telling me that i can't just email support, it has to be via their online help form (?!?!?!) 


Figured that would have been pointless so i used the email address mentioned in their email reply: "If you have a query about your service please visit or email us at where it will receive our attention.". Which i did and received another email telling me again that i can't just email support, i have to use the online help form, like ####?!?!?!?!


I'm not wasting anymore of my time filling in forms, emailing or on hold waiting, O2 can just phone me when they want paid.

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are you a business customer? this is the business section.


businesses cannot do those things in myo2 we have to ring customer services.


If not a business customer ask in pay monthly

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Oops, i'm not, my bad, meant to go to General section.

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