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Free Apple iPhone 6s 32GB when you buy the Apple iPhone X

I have only received the iphone X and there is no iphone 6s in the package, in the papers inside it shows that it should be there but its not? My mom accepted that parcel and signed for what can I do now? 

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Re: Free Apple iPhone 6s 32GB when you buy the Apple iPhone X

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Hi @Jura

You have to claim the iPhone 6. It wont be delivered with the X

  1. Participants will need to go to the URL which will be listed on the leaflet they are provided when purchasing or receiving the Eligible Device. Once on the URL, Participants will need to enter their purchase and contact detail including IMEI to redeem the offer.
  2. Participants can redeem immediately after purchase or receipt of the Eligible Device by using the URL on the leaflet.
  3. Free Gift will be dispatched via UK Mail. You will get a notification via email on when you can expect your gift to be delivered to you. It may take up to 10 days to be delivered from the date or ordering the Free Gift via the URL.
  4. Participants have until the 18th January 2019 to claim the Free Gift.


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Re: Free Apple iPhone 6s 32GB when you buy the Apple iPhone X

Hi @Jura, and congratulations on your new phone, I hope you're enjoying it slight smile The information @Cleoriff shared above should help you understand better how to get your iPhone 6s, but please do let us know if you have any other questions.


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