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On the weekend I changed from pay and go to pay monthly.

the girl gave phone we phone  and a user name So I can see my monthly bill.

when I went to change password O2 i spoke to O2 on pc and they linked that user name with my email address. can I unlink that and get a new password for that account or will I lose it.

also I lost my £5 discount on my broadband so I rang them Monday but it still showing no discount. or will that take a couple if days to go through or will that not get active until I pay my first O2 pay monthly bill.


if anyone knows what to do let me know.

as Gil in shop couldn't work it out.



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Is it an iPhone by any chance?

If you phone CS they should be able to set up a new password for you as long as you remember the security question:)

As for email you can do it from your myo2 account slight_smile

I would of thought the discount would only go through after your first bill date (not 100% sure)

Hope this helps?
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