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Business Upgrades

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Many a thread regarding mid-term business upgrades on this forum but suffice to say I am on a business tariff and unhappy at how o2 have managed to sneak in an added clause to the t's nd c's & the wholly crazy upgrade price.
I've fired off an email to the ceo's office and promptly received acknowledgement within 12 hours. I will keep this thread updated with their communications and fingers crossed a satisfactorily solution.
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there are loads more people like you . i would suggest that everyone floods these boards and as many other consumer boards as possible.
i feel i have been conned by o2. part of my deal with them in taking out my 2 business user contract was that they were offering a free upgrade after 12 months...
i wa slaughed at literally on the phone as i if i was crazy by the o2 representative on the phone...
o2 made these promises to secure the business.. they should honour their promises or let us cancel the contracts..
more people need to post about this scandal..
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this is a link to my facebook campaign to get o2 to honour their promise of a free upgrade to business users who took out 24 month iphone contracts with them.
i would encourage all of you to get on youtube and tell your stories as well.
it took roughly 2 hours for my youtube video to appear 4th on a google search using "o2 free upgrade scandal".
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O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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Hi obratzov,
I've read the comments you've made on this thread and also watched the youtube video you've uploaded detailing your experience.
I'm sorry to know that you're disappointed with the terms of your contract and not happy with the offer given to you by our customer service member. I'd like to re-investigate the issue and your concerns, especially the deal which was offered to you - "12 months free upgrade".
Could you please PM me your O2 mobile number, full name and address?
Thanks, Abs
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Hi Abs,
you will just have to get your hands on the paraphenalia that went out with the business sharer for iphone to understand where I could possibly think that the upgrade was "free".
It is there in black and white and the fact is that I queried this with the sales person at the time.
I said "does that mean that it is free?"
I distinctly remember him saying "well yes , thats what it says...".
And I said "well thats a good deal then ..." and signed up.
So please get your hands on some hard copy of the advertising materials for this plan and you will see why there are angry people out there who feel that o2 are not living up to their side of the bargain.
I will post you my name and telephone number but you may have to go to my facebook page or have a look on youtube if you cant find any hard copy.
There is no doubt in my mind, now that I have retrieved hard copy of the offer that this plan was mis sold.
Why do you think that there are so many upset people out here?
I'm absolutely sure that none of them are connected.
The only connection you will probably find is the business sharer for iphone plan.
To anyone else out there who is querying this, I am 100 sure that this plan has been mis sold and o2 are 100% to blame. Contact me through the facebook page that i set up or look out for a youtube update.

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