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Microsoft 950

Hi All {Long Shot},


Probably one of the last standing users of a Windows Phone, but hopefully there is still someone out there that could provide or advise an answer - Microsoft recently released an update {Creators}, it is appearing on many phone throughout the world {Mostly unlocked phones}, does anyone know when is will be released on 02 in the UK.


Many Thanks

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Re: Microsoft 950

As o2 aren't supporting windows anymore who knows?
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Re: Microsoft 950

@bjmac1 might be work looking at flashing the firmware to the generic microsoft offering rather than O2, then you won't have to wait for the network to release the update.

Although initially MS did design the updates to be like Apple and not require the networks to release it. Not sure if this is still the case, but it may be worth being aware that MS have stated that the rollout for the creators update will be very gradual even for PC's so might be a similar story for phones.
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Re: Microsoft 950

No need to flash etc. Register for the slow ring insider preview. The app should already be on your phone, in the settings page. Once registered, you by pass the O2 release cycle and get updates direct from MS
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Re: Microsoft 950

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Hello @bjmac1, Did you try @Curr946 and @PhoneChanger advice? I learnt something new today, Thanks! 

From wikipedia: The Windows Insider program by Microsoft allows users who own a valid Windows 10 license o sign up for early builds of the operating system Jaw-dropping


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