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Lumia 735 Camera Sotware

Although defaulted with Lumia Camera there is an option to switch to Windows Camera. For ease of use and good exposures which is the preferred one. Does anyone have any views on the ProShot software with is DLable for a fee. Thanks.

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Re: Lumia 735 Camera Sotware

Personally I always use Windows Camera - it does all I need from a phone camera.
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Re: Lumia 735 Camera Sotware

I also use the standard software, in Pro mode.  I occassionally switch to use Bing Vision for QR, otherwise I stick with whatever starts when I press the button.

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Re: Lumia 735 Camera Sotware

There used to be an option in the settings -> Camera to set the default app to be the Windows Camera.

Can't say for certain if this is still the same as I am no longer sporting a Lumia