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Been overcharged for nothing

Spoken to a women on the online chat, Sofia, she went through the different protocols, yet I didn't meet any of them, showing clearly I had no reason to be charged. I sent her the exact message I sent to 100 people split in half as iPhones only allow you to send to 50 people at a time, saying "Hi this is my new phone number, (My Name)". Therefore I was well under the character limit and didn't infringe on any rules in order for me to be charged. Therefore I am confused to why I have been charged 27.61 on my phone tariff. Someone from O2 please email me or get back to me on this thread ASAP.
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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

because of bulk messaging charges.

more than 5 can trip it, 50.... definitely will

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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

This is a customer to customer forum. You have obviously been charged for sending group messages or MMS. have a look at this guide


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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

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just to add the actual wording from the latest tariff terms:


3. Text Message Charges

3.1 Subject to these Tariff Terms, inclusive messages on Pay Monthly tariffs can be used for texts (meaning individual SMS) sent in the UK to UK mobiles or tablets that are capable of receiving texts, from your SIM card for private and personal purposes. You may not be able to use your inclusive text allowance if you are using a device or tablet that cannot send or receive standard network text messages, so please check device specifications before buying. Text messages sent to multiple recipients may be classed as MMS or use a data allowance depending on device functionality.

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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

No one will get back to you on here from O2 I'm afraid. Forget chat and call customer service. Maybe they will refund some of the charges but sending group texts to that many people is chargeable as mms.

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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

If you use all the characters then another text will be created which will be classed as mms or if you use smilies then that will turn a text into an mms

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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

The OP thinks he's contacted O2 directly, so @Anonymous I have typed in a mention in the hope that you will come back and see the replies to your query that are above.


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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

Contact CS by phone on one of the numbers listed here http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus
The charge on your account is correct but you may get a goodwill gesture if it is the first time you've made this mistake.
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Re: Been overcharged for nothing

Going forward please read up on the t&c's, in particular how texts are converted into MMS messages and the attached charging structure.

All great advice above.