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Nokia Lumia 710 - cant send MMS picture messages

What is the problem with this phone, after 3 livechats to O2 they have eventually put roaming facility on my phone. but i still cant send picture messages, they have told me the settings should have been in the sim card when I got the phone, it wasnt and now they are telling me there is no where for me to download the settings?


so much for technology, my son has the same phone and has issues with the headphone jack. He phoned o2 and they want a £25.00 deposit from him to give him a temporary phone while they look at his.


I have always been with O2 but my experience since upgrading to this new phone has been awful, feel like going back to my "simple" press button phone and giving up on touch screen technology altogether.



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Re: Nokia Lumia 710 - cant send MMS picture messages

The seetings should be installed once the phone is setup. However, you can also download - Network Setup App from the market place and this will update the correct settings on your device.


Good luck with this.



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Re: Nokia Lumia 710 - cant send MMS picture messages

refer to mi5,s post- go into settings- then mobile network- and select data connection ON. this is because mms and group texts need this feature on to work. certainly worked for me.

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Re: Nokia Lumia 710 - cant send MMS picture messages

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I also felt like giving up with my new Lumia 710 and reverting back to my Nokia musicexpress. Far simpler.
Then i contacted Nokia for some advice,because O2 guru's and other smartphone user friends told me you have to have an internet connection to do this simple task !! Not according to Nokia. That seem to be an impossible task from O2 as they do not seem to know enough about how the windows phones operate.
Anyway Nokia informed me the problem was with my provider ( O2 )
When i first purchased the Lumia 710. On going to O2 web pages for settings informed me to contact them. After talking to Nokia and explaining the problem was O2. I went back to O2 web page and got the settings sent straight to my phone and hey presto i can now sent and receive Picture Messages without the need for an internet connection. Think O2 must have put in some software that is now compatible with Windows phones. Good Luck it worked for me !!

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Re: Nokia Lumia 710 - cant send MMS picture messages

You still need a data connection for MMS....
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